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Fly Fishing Knots

Nail Knot

Fly Fishing Knots - The Nail Knot is the strongest connection for connecting the fly line to the backing. With this knot you'll need to find a small tube like an ink refill tube from a ball point pen to aid in tying this knot.

Nail Knot

Steps to tie the Nail Knot:

  1. Lay the nail or tube parallel with the end of the fly line. Place the leader next to the fly line and leave an extra 10 to 12 inches of leader beyond the tube.
  2. Grasp all three materials with the left thumb and forefinger on the left edge of the nail or tube. With your right hand, grasp the end of the leader material and, working left to right around all three materials, make seven or eight close wraps.
  3. After wraps are complete, grasp the remaining tag from your leader and pass it through the tube.
  4. Carefully remove the tube and slightly snug the coils.
  5. Grasp both ends of the leader and pull simultaneously until knot is tightly seated on the fly line. Trim tag end of leader close to the knot and you're ready to fish!

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